Squash off-season and in-season physical preparation plan

“I reached out to Mark on a recommendation from a former World top 10 player and Ivy League college squash coach, and knew of his long-standing work with the England Squash Team including Nick Matthew.

As a player with a full time, 50+ hour a week job outside of squash, I wanted to be able to increase my performance at an international level while looking after my body to reduce the likelihood of injury as I reached my 30’s.
Mark excels in several areas which make him an ideal partner for athletes wanting to take their conditioning work seriously. His ability to listen to individual requirements and design a periodized program that precisely targets key events through use of workout blocks, designed down to a daily level of detail, provides structure, accountability and allows you to track tangible progress week to week.
The sessions Mark designs are both easy to understand (supported by video demos) and sufficiently varied to maintain interest over a long period of time. As Mark closely integrates his workouts into other skill-based or competition-based practice you may need to incorporate, the workouts represent an extremely efficient use of time, which in my case was vital to success. He also includes a significant amount of pre-hab type work which is otherwise easy to neglect, particularly when training volume increases.
As a result of my work with Mark I have reached a new level of physical conditioning I did not achieve throughout my 20’s and am well placed to perform in the coming season.”
Nick – 31