About Mark

Mark Campbell has been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for 15 years, working with elite athletes from across the globe and in a wide range of sports. Hailing from New Zealand but now making Sheffield home for the last nine years, he is passionate about getting people moving better.

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Mark Campbell

Mark has a double degree in Physical Education and Physiology and a Masters in Physical Education which led to a career in leading strength and conditioning programmes for a multitude of sports across Olympic, Commonwealth and professional competitions.

His experience gained from the elite sporting world has allowed him to explore a wide variety of training techniques to get people fitter, healthier, stronger.

Mark has a particular interest in the development of mobility and flexibility for the enhancement of physical performance and well-being.

About Moving Strong

Moving Strong

Sheffield based Moving Strong aims to get people of all ages and abilities moving and feeling better by increasing the bodies conditioning (fitness) levels through challenging the development of good muscle function, range of motion and strength.

A huge variety of modalities and exercises are used in the Moving Strong philosophy based on Mark Campbell’s years of experience in the field of physical preparation. The main focus is on flexibility and mobility development as well as challenging muscular conditioning through intelligent exercise prescription.

Services include group classes, off-season training programmes and one to one training.