1. All participants will be asked to complete a pre-participation questionnaire that gives consent to exercise and understand that participation in any future exercise or test is voluntary.
  2. You are free to deny consent or withdraw consent at any time after consenting.
  3. It is your full responsibility to inform your Moving Strong coach and or the Company of any difficulties you perceive or experience as well as any changes to your physical and medical condition.
  4. You consent to being aware of your own health and physical condition and having knowledge that your voluntary participation in any of Moving Strong’s programmes and any fitness testing procedures may cause injury. Having such knowledge you thereby release Moving Strong, its employees, agents and representatives from liability for accidental injury, illness or death, which you may incur as a result of any Moving Strong programme.
  5. Moving Strong Programmes includes but is not limited to Group Glasses, Off-Season Training and One to One or Group training.
  6. Moving Strong does not accept liability for any damage or loss to a Client’s personal property brought onto any coaching premises.
  7. All clients must conduct themselves in a respectful manner whilst using any facilities or location that Moving Strong uses as a training venue. Any acts of intimidating, abusive, violent or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.
  8. The purchase of any Moving Strong Programme is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Group Classes

  1. Classes are payable prior to the start of any class. Failure to pay will result in the client being unable to participate.
  2. Once participation is confirmed for a class on a specific night and time, Moving Strong requests 48 hours notice of cancellation of attendance to allow clients on the waiting list to attend.

One to One and Small Group Coaching

  1. All sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the session will be charged in full.
  2. The time slot for a session that has been cancelled will be made available to other Moving Strong clients.
  3. Clients that do not attend sessions without informing Moving Strong will be deemed as a ‘no show’ and will be charged in full.
  4. Any block of sessions purchased must be used within one year of the initial payment dates.

Off-Season Training

  1. Payment is required in full in advance of receipt of the off-season training programme.
  2. Participants will be requested to fill in a questionnaire prior to programme development, either online or by phone, with a Moving Strong Consultant.
  3. Programmes are delivered remotely with appropriate resources and guidance to ensure full understanding and optimal performance.