With vast experience in preparing some of the best squash players in the world for the PSA tour, Moving Strong can provide training programmes that will help any squash player take their squash fitness to another level.

These training programmes apply both general and specific training techniques that are planned out to intelligently take your physical preparation for squash to another level. Make sure your fitness isn’t in question when you step on court for your new season, get in touch today and get yourself started on a highly effective training programme.

  • Programmes focus either on general fitness training, based around running, off-feet conditioning, more squash court based sessions, or a combination of both.
  • Cardiovascular conditioning will encompass both low and high intensity aerobic work which is vital in improving on-court recovery between efforts of high intensity during a match.
  • There will also be work targeting the development of the anaerobic system which is vital in delivering the high intensity efforts on court.
  • All training programmes will have a strong emphasis on muscular fitness and movement conditioning, based around key factors required for squash performance.
  • Training programmes are planned to target key individual requirements and will be planned and progressed as dictated by the length of the package purchased.

So, if you’d like to really improve your fitness and help take your squash performance to new levels then get in touch today.


After an initial consultation by phone or online, Mark will provide a programme for your chosen package.

  • One month off-season training programme (16 sessions): £120
  • Two months off-season training programme (32 sessions): £220
  • Three months off-season training programme (48 sessions): £300

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