The majority of sports require well developed fitness levels of both the cardiovascular and muscular system. If you’re looking for a fitness (conditioning) programme targeted on improving the specific demands of your sport, Moving Strong can help.

Moving Strong specialises in the development of metabolic conditioning for repeated high intensity interval sports such as rugby union, rugby league, hockey and boxing. We also have experience with endurance based athletes and are able to prepare training programmes for runners, cyclists and triathletes.

An initial consultation will determine goals and individual requirements for programming.  Programmes will then be designed and sent to clients and in the majority of cases will be performed remotely, including full guidance of how to perform the training programme.

If you’re ready to take your fitness to higher levels and unlock new levels of sporting performance, get in touch today.


After an initial consultation by phone or online, Mark will provide a programme for your chosen package.

  • One month off-season training programme (16 sessions): £120
  • Two months off-season training programme (32 sessions): £220
  • Three months off-season training programme (48 sessions): £300

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