The pace and intensity of modern football requires footballers to be exceptionally well-conditioned athletes. The rewards for making it to the highest level are life changing for any footballer, so why let your fitness (conditioning) levels be the reason that is stalling your career.

Having exceptional conditioning levels will allow you to:

  • Perform better in off-season trials and impress new managers and scouts
  • Stay injury free and be more consistent on the pitch during the season
  • Increase work-rate on the football pitch
  • Better handle gruelling club pre-season training sessions and cement a club first team spot
  • Allow footballing skills to be displayed more consistently for long periods of time without fatiguing.

Running is the predominant conditioning tool that footballers should be using in relation to the specificity to the sport. However, long slow running needs to be a thing of the past as the ability to run fast relies on actually running fast during training. Fitness can be developed using intelligent approaches to running that maintain and even enhance speed.

If you’re serious about your football career get in touch and let Moving Strong prepare a bespoke off-season programme to take your fitness to the next level. Get a jump start on your competitors and start the pre-season in the best possible shape to allow you to climb the ranks and take your career to new heights.

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